Why pay for a video ?…

…when there are so many free others on the web …

…Because those are limited at a basic level. The Pelican workshop collection, for a limited and modular investment, offers consistence, progressivity, and continuity towards an actual learning.

You can adapt your learning to your goals : For instance, it is not absolutely necessary to learn how to make a perspective with vanishing points if you need to explain pieces of furniture, or construction details, parallel perspective may be more efficient for that.

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video tutorials of architectural

sketching and perspective

video 1      Basics of Drawing

the basics of architectural drawing and sketching. 18’ 33

This video presents the first learnings : straight lines, construction of basic figures (square, circle and ellipse), principles of descriptive geometry, wich rules plan—elevation—section drawings, and the construction of a perspective. 

video 2     Parallel perspective

26’ 46

Parallel perspective, — without vanishing points— also called axonometry, isometry, etc.

This technic is deeply used during the research in a project. It is also well adapted to represent details and objects seen from outside. It can be used for the interior space though it is less adapted that the classic perspective for this purpose.

This video is also dedicated to the control of volumes and of their various associations, (what is called «to see in space»), essential preliminaries to learn perspective.

Video 3     Fundamentals of Perspective 28’ 06

To understand perspective, it is necessary to have assimilated the principles of the sight in perspective. The main concepts of horizon and vanishing point are the object of detailed presentation.

Then to represent it is necessary to have understood the principle of projection. From there it is useful to know the the construction of the perspective, even if here we will propose simpler —but as accurate— methods.

atelier du pélican 

Each video lasts for 18 to 35 minutes and presents one or several particular points of theory, technique and practice.

for more illustrations and informations :Cours_de_dessin_darchitecture.htmlCours_de_dessin_darchitecture.htmlCours_de_dessin_darchitecture.htmlCours_de_dessin_darchitecture.htmlCours_de_dessin_darchitecture.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3

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Video 4     The One Point Perspective

26’ 17

The One Point Perspective is a classical and simple way to draw. It is also a first and unavoidable step to learn to draw in perspective and get used to the handling of the vanishing point.

Video 5     Measuring in One Point Perspective

35' 27

A sketch is coherent when the perspective principles are respected but may not be accurate in dimensions. This video explains how to master exactly the dimensions in one point perspective, with the help of a plan view, or even without, by the technique of the measuring points.

Video 6     The Two Point Perspective

17’ 47

Two Point Perspective is the most common and natural way to see and to draw in the architecture, outside or in the interior space. It needs a little practice to correctly manage the constraints and profits of the two points wich give all the structure to the drawing.

Video 7     Measuring in Two Point Perspective

33’ 54

As in One Point Perspective, it is necessary to have some method to control precisely the dimensions and make accurate drawings. The question is a little more intricate in Two Point Perspective, and it is shown in this video how to be at ease and effective with those matters.

This video : 6,90 euros

This video : 6,90 euros

This video : 6,90 euros

This video : 6,90 euros

This video : 6,90 euros

This video : 6,90 euros

This video : 6,90 euros

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